Bee Removal West Palm Beach

Bees in West Palm Beach

Needing some advice or direction on bees in South Florida? Our bee, wasp and hornet experts have all the information you need to get rid of the South Florida bugs and prevent any type of sting in the future.

Why You’re At Risk for Bee Stings

Not only are bee stings painful and rather annoying, but they can be extremely dangerous for those who are allergic as well. The first step in any safety measure is to know if you or a loved one does in fact have allergies to bees. Check with family doctor to see how you can find out if you’re allergic to bees.

About one in twenty people are stung by bees in the U.S. Of that ratio, there have been only 54 documented deaths from bee stings in the last year. According to that standard, you are more likely to get struck by lightning than die from a bee sting. Unfortunately, it is mostly those with allergies who are fatally stung by a bee.

Why Bees Sting

Most bees sting out of defense. They often react to being provoked rather than get aggressive on their own. It isn’t until their nest has been disturbed do they react in fear and start attacking the invader. What’s interesting about bees is they die after they sting. Their stinger and venom sacs stay attached and continue to poke and release venom until they are removed. Once they sting, they release a chemical that causes nearby bees to want to sting as well.

Different Kinds of Bees 

Each sting is different because many bees are different. The different types of bees are important in knowing how likely you are of being stung.

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