• Mosquitoes (disambiguation) - Aedes aegypti
    Mosquitoes (disambiguation)
    One of the most annoying insects when being outdoors is a mosquito. Part of the Culicidae family, with over 3,500 species, some feed not only on […]
  • Fire Ants in Florida
    Fire Ants in Florida
    Did you know there are more than 10,00 species of ants found across the globe? Here in South Florida, we are no strangers to ants. The […]
  • Preventing a Silverfish Infestation
    Preventing a Silverfish Infestation
    Have you heard of silverfish? No, they aren’t a species of fish you’ll run into while snorkeling off the coast, but if you are a South […]
  • SQUIRRELS (Sciuridae) Removal
    SQUIRRELS (Sciuridae)
    Squirrels are a member of the small to medium rodent family Sciuridae and includes over 250 species with many subfamilies and subgroups. Native to the Americas, […]