Whitefly Treatment

Have you noticed distinctive white spirals and a build-up of a white, waxy substance on the underside of your plants leaves? Black sooty mold your on cars, sidewalks, pool decks and patio furniture? Then you may have a messy nuisance called Spiraling Whitefly.

Spiraling Whitefly’s Gumbo Limbo

Spiraling Whitefly’s original meal of choice was the Gumbo Limbo but recently over 60 plant and tree species have been added to their menu including the Copperleaf, Cocoplum, Coconut Palm, Buttonwood, Areca Palm, Banana, Mango, Live Oak, Sabal Palm and Bird of Paradise, just to name a few. Left untreated these little guys can do some serious damage to your valuable shrubs and plants, not to mention the sticky mess left on your belongings.

Ambassador Pest Management Guarantees 100% Whitefly Control at your home or business and has been providing safe and effective pest control services and white fly treatments in south Florida for over 25 years.  We are a family owned and operated business and your satisfaction is our first priority.

Free Whitefly Pest Control Inspection

Our proven system starts with a FREE full inspection and assessment of your Whitefly infestation.  Next we formulate a treatment plan to eradicate your Whiteflies restoring your plants and shrubs to their natural beauty.  Follow-up inspections and treatments will keep the Whiteflies away insuring the health and beauty of your valuable shrubs and ornamental plants.

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Google User Review, Overall 3 / 3 Ambassador is absolutely the best!! They are very professional and friendly, the guys are great and treated me like family. I would recommend them to anyone!   Google User Review, Overall 3 / 3  Very effective and fast.  They mean business.

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Ambassador Pest Control Guarantees we can eliminate your Whitefly problem quickly and safely.  Call for your Free Inspection and Analysis 561-689-1411

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