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Controlling Roaches
January 5, 2018
Subterranean Termite Prevention
Subterranean Termite Prevention & Removal
February 5, 2018
Bee Removal - Ambassador Pest Management


 Got Bees?Let us handle your Bee Removal!

Call Ambassador Pest Management for all of your BUING needs! 

*Africanized Bee Removal

*Yellow Jacket Removal

*Honey Bee Removal

*Hornet Removal

*Wasp Removal

*Hive & Honey Removal

Ambassador Pest Management specializes in removal of bees.  In addition to bee removal (including Africanized bees) we remove wasps, hornets, yellow jackets as well as bee hive and honey removal.  Call Ambassador Pest Management whether you need removal services, or perhaps you have a bee swarm or yellow jacket nest on your property and would just like additional information.  We have been in the bee removal business over 25 years and enjoy every bee removal adventure.  You are never a bother to us, we love the phone to buzz for bees!

If you are located in Florida, you come into contact with bees. It’s just a fact of life. Sadly, you don’t know if you’re dealing with aggressive bees or non-aggressive bees until it’s too late. At Ambassador Pest Management, our experts are highly qualified and properly trained in safe, effective bee removal techniques.

We can extract established bee hives from walls, chimneys, roofs, under sheds, and other areas where bees like to build a hive.  Bees can easily fit into an area the size of a pencil eraser.  The bee removal process also includes finding the point of entry.  Once we have completed your bee removal process, we will guarantee you will not have bees return to that specific location.

What:   Bee Removal ~ Yellow Jacket Removal ~ Wasp Removal ~ Hornet Removal
Where:   Stuart ~ Jupiter ~ Tequesta ~ Palm Beach Gardens ~ West Palm Beach ~ Wellington ~ Boca Raton

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis founded Ambassador Pest Management in 1989, and providing Excellent Service to his customer’s has been his most valued business principle. He has grown Ambassador to be one of the oldest and most respected family owned pest control companies operating in Palm Beach Country, and has grown the operation to serve Broward, Martin, and Brevard Counties with all of their pest control needs. His customer loyalty is driven by his commitment to excellent customer service in addition to providing safe and highly effective pest control and lawn and ornamental services to a fast growth number of residential and commercial customers.

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