West Palm Beach Pest Control Prevention problems can get out of hand quickly, and when that happens the only thing you can do is look around for pest control solutions. There are things you can do yourself to discourage a pest outbreak in your home or your business office, and they are definitely worth a try because by the time you discover an infestation, you may already have sustained some kind of serious damage. Here are some pest control techniques you can try to discourage specific pests.

West Palm Beach Pest Control Prevention Methods

  • Termites can be discouraged by using pressure-treated wood in construction, because it is not nearly as appealing to them, and they usually won’t bore into it. Installing screens on your windows and doors will prevent flying termites from entering the home, as well as some other flying pests. Don’t stack piles of wood close to the house because they are convenient jumping-off points for termites to get into a house.
  • Ants cannot enter a home that is well-caulked around doors and windows, because they can’t find an entry point. Tree branches and nearby shrubs also provide entry points into the home, so keep these well-trimmed and away from the home. If possible, install a gravel or stone perimeter around the home to discourage entry. Inside the home, keep kitchen counters clean and make sure nothing sweet is left open.
  • Mice are very difficult to keep out of the house, but there are two points to remember for successful prevention. Inside the home, keep all foods tightly sealed and inaccessible in jars or mouse-proof containers. Outside the home, mice can be excluded by building a home which has all possible entry points sealed tightly against mice entry.
  • Cockroaches can be discouraged in a variety of ways. Keep windows and doors sealed and screened, keep both inside and outside free of trash (which offers hiding places), store food tightly, keep trash cans tightly covered, and fix faucet and drain leaks

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When pest control prevention isn’t enough 

Sometimes prevention methods simply are not enough, and pests overwhelm a household or business. That’s when the professionals should be consulted, because their methods pick up where prevention leaves off. If you find yourself in this situation, contact Ambassador Pest Management. You can learn all about the company on Google Plus, you can follow their latest tweets and commercials on Twitter, and you can check them out on Facebook as well.

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