The short answer to this question is that yes, pest control can be 100% safe for your family and pets when administered by experienced West Palm Beach professionals. The qualifier to that statement comes in when home remedies are attempted – homeowners in West Palm Beach should always be aware of what the possible negative effects might be on pets and family members, especially very young children and smaller pets.

If children ingest toxic chemicals it is much more serious than if an adult does the same thing, because relative to their body size, the chemical is much more potent, and small pets are close to the ground where toxic residue can be expected to fall and be taken in. While there are other dangers to be aware of, these two should always be uppermost in your mind when attempting any kind of home pest control.

Pest control safety practices 

Methods that don’t require repellents. Simple vacuuming will rid the home of many pests like fleas and other insects, as long as the dust bag is carefully disposed of. Washing clothes, toys, and bedding at high temperatures will also kill off many pests. If you can get your family out of the house for a day or so, a professional can bring in equipment to heat the house to 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill off most insects in the home.

Be wary of toxic materials. Some chemicals are non-toxic to humans and pets, and there are also natural materials that can be effective. For instance, diatomaceous earth can be very useful in combating pests because it causes insects’ exoskeletons to dry out, thus killing them. If you do need to use a pesticide in the home, the best way to ensure safety for your home and family is to contract with a pest control professional. An expert will be aware of proper application methods for chemicals, procedures for protecting objects in the home against chemical absorption, and when it is safe for humans and pets to re-occupy the home and outdoors.

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