Lawn and Ornamental Service West Palm Beach

Ambassador specializes in treating Lawn and Ornamental. To learn more about Ambassador Pest Control’s special offers on Lawn and Ornamental services, contact us today!

We at Ambassador Pest Management understand the challenges homeowners face in maintaining a beautiful St. Augustine lawn. Add pests, fungus, grub worms, brown spots, yellow spots and the elements to the mix and it becomes even more difficult, and less fun.

Turn your Lawn and Ornamental over to Ambassador and experience the joys of being green, with none of the hassle. With our Lawn and Ornamental service our highly trained technicians will have your yard looking great year-round. We will perform regular applications of both insecticide and fertilizers to control weeds, fungus and insects. Our program is all inclusive and guaranteed to have your yard looking fantastic.

Our exclusive service plan consists of seasonally specific applications of environmentally friendly insecticides and fertilizers. During each visit an Ambassador lawn technician will apply quality products designed to slowly release nutrients into the soil to provide a healthy and consistent feeding for your lawn. We also apply high quality insecticides designed to control insects, fungus and weeds and we offer all green products. No more worrying about the kids, pets, yourself or stinky pesticides. Call today for more information about getting a custom Lawn and Ornamental program tailored to your needs.