Cockroach Prevention & Sanitation West Palm Beach

  • Cockroach feces contain a chemical that attracts other cockroaches to an area. Eliminating the cockroach feces by scrubbing with hot, soapy water will decrease the amount of aggregation pheromone available to attract cockroaches to the area.
  • German cockroaches can initially infest a structure when infested grocery bags are brought inside; cockroaches also breed prolifically in corrugated cardboard boxes, so discard unnecessary boxes immediately and check all bags before entering your home.
  • Caulk cracks and gaps around doors and windows to help prevent cockroaches from entering your home. Regularly vacuum or sweep under and around furniture where people eat, such as the dining room table.
  • Vacuuming can also remove cockroach egg cases that will not be killed by insecticides. Remember to promptly dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag in an outdoor container.

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