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Residential Pest Control for 25 Years West Palm Beach and Stuart

Residential Pests come in all shapes and sizes and can often be dangerous.

Luckily we specialize in the control and containment of the following pests types: ants, argentine ant, carpenter ant, fire ant, odorous house ant, pavement ant, pharaoh ant, thief ant, bed, bug, bees, cockroaches, brown-banded cockroach, German cockroach, oriental cockroach, carpet beetles, fur beetle, varied carpet, beetle, Centipede, firebrats, flea, flies, blue bottle fly, green bottle fly, house fly, fruit flies, hornet, house centipede, lice, mealworm beetle, red spiders, silverfish, spider beetle, woodlouse, termite, dampwood termite, subterranean termite, wasp, woolly bear, woodworms, death watch beetle, furniture beetle, weevil, rodents, mice, rats, chipmunks, gophers, beavers, shrew, moles, opossums, raccoons, hedgehogs, lizards, and snakes.

We are one of the oldest family owned pest control companies in West Palm Beach.

Got pests? Looking for an exterminator?

Residential Pest Control Managers Stuart

Hablamos español y tan hacemos a nuestros técnicos. Call Ambassador Pest Management. We’ll get your pest problem under control, and then we’ll work with you to keep those pests away. Here’s how:

  • We’ll start with a thorough inspection. Our expert technician will look wherever pests are known to hide or breed.
  • After that, we’ll design you a custom treatment program to create a pest-free environment in your home and yard, all year long.
  • Using the principles of integrated pest management (IPM), we focus on blocking the routes pests use to gain entry to your home. We’ll also target areas where a little cleanup might help to keep pests away.
  • We also return after your first treatment. Within 30 days, we’ll come back to reinforce your Ambassador-Shield® barrier. We will also make sure new pests aren’t setting up shop in your home or on your property.
  • Then, we’ll re-inspect your property. We’ll perform exterior treatments every other month, and our Ambassador-Shield®barrier will keep pests from migrating back into your home.
  • And on every visit, your friendly Ambassador Pest Management service technician will remove all accessible spider webs.
  • Naturally, we treat for pests. But we’re not your old-school, spray-happy exterminator. Our goal is to find the source of an infestation and/or any pest-friendly conditions, using the principles of integrated pest management (IPM), we than block entry points and we get rid of nesting sites, to keep any new pests from entering.

Pest Control with Integrated Pest Management System

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is our chosen approach to pest control, and uses regular monitoring and record-keeping to determine if and when treatments are needed. Ambassador Pest Management employs a combination of inspection strategies and pest control practices to keep pest numbers low and prevent unacceptable damage. IPM does not eliminate the use of chemical pesticides, but instead limits there use to critical and/or needed situations only.

The Ambassador Pest Control Advantage

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We are delighted to provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed services in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Stuart, Palm City and Wellington.  With one call you will experience the benefits of our 25 years of superior service in Pest Control, Lawn and Ornamental, Residential Wild Animal Removal for your Residential, Commercial or Equestrian Facility.


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