Silverfish Pest Control in West Palm Beach

Silverfish Pest Control in West Palm Beach

Silverfish Facts

  • Silverfish consume glue, book bindings, plaster, some paints, paper, photos, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet, clothing, dandruff and other various items. Silverfish may also attack leatherware and synthetic fabrics and can live for over a year without food. Although they are responsible for the contamination of food and other damge, they are not known to transmit disease. Silverfish predators include earwigs, centipedes and spiders.
  • The reproduction of silverfish involves 3 stages which last 30 minutes. First, the male and female stand face to face with their trembling antennae touching. Second, the male runs away and the female chases him. Third, they stand head to tail with the male’s tail vibrating against the female. Finally, the male lays a spermatorphore which the female takes into her body via her ovipositor to fertilize the eggs. The lifespan of a silverfish is from 2-8 years.
  • Silverfish have long antennae and move in a wiggling motion that resembles the moverment of a fish and are silver to grayish in color, hence the name. They also have a temperature preference between 70 and 80 degrees, they are fast running and most active at night.
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