Brazilian Whitefly- Destroying Our Trees & Ornamentals in Stuart

  • Much like it’s counterpart, the Brazilian Whitefly causes horrendous sooty mold. However, it is tiny in comparison; while the Spiraling Whitefly is about 3mm in size, the Brazilian Whitefly is only 1mm. This new terrorist was first discovered in Collier County, Florida by the University of Florida’s Scott Kreuger.
  • This pest is easily identified by small white “nests” on the leaves or sooty mold which is why whitefly taxonimists call it a “nesting” insect. Unlike other types of whitefly, the Brazilian whitefly is active in the winter.
  • Before 2003 the Ficus was a “bullet proof” hedge, since then, there have been 3 different kinds of whitefly spotted in and around South Florida.
    This pest is not only found in South Florida, but in Brazil, Hawaii, Tiawan, California, Beliz, Honduras, Venezuela, and the Maderia Islands, and it’s host (so far noted) are Ocotea foetens, avocado (Persea americana), Hibiscus, Suriam Cherry, Ficus and Citrus.

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